WATCH: Disney’s ‘Imagineering in a Box’ launches offering hours of instructional curriculum

Imagineering in a Box

Disney Imagineering is about taking the imaginary and making it real. If you’ve been to a Disney Park, you’ve been witness to the magic that the Disney Imagineers have carefully crafted.

Diverse disciplines that make up the impressive body of work by this team literally runs the gamut from civil and mechanical engineering to costume designer, digital sculptors, ride mechanics, sculptors, dimensional designers, special effects professionals, painters, color specialists, improvisational comedians, architects, mathematicians, robotics, carpenters, song writers… you get the idea. It takes a whole lot of expertise to get to the final product that comes out of Disney Imagineering.

Many people are fascinated by the mystical group and now Khan Academy is giving you a peek behind the storied walls and processes with Imagineering in a Box. This free online educational curriculum compiles expertise of Disney Imagineers from hundreds of career disciplines around the world and shares with learners of all ages. As part of the 35 educational videos, the curriculum features project-based exercises that apply science, technology, engineering, art and math that allow learners to create themed experiences.

Catch it all below with this playlist playing the whole set of videos! You can learn more about the Khan Academy here.

Author: Joey Inigo

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