Steven Spielberg plus cast and crew go behind the scenes of JURASSIC WORLD—THE RIDE

Universal recently released a really great 6-minute piece going into a little behind-the-scenes magic of the new Jurassic World—The Ride. We hear from not just Steven Spielberg but also Colin Trevorrow, Chris Pratt, and several members of the Universal creative team responsible for bringing the new attraction to life.


WATCH: JURASSIC WORLD—THE RIDE debuts with new dino experiences, dining, shopping, and dazzling opening ceremony!

The attraction borrows a whole lot of its DNA from the original incarnation of the attraction utilizing the same track and a large majority of the same infrastructure. A splashy (literally and figuratively) encounter with a Mosasaurus in her water tank is the first new addition before our boat takes us on a river adventure through familiar sights with Stegosaurus, the Velociaptor pen, and a playful Parasaurolophus before heading into a re-imagined lift experience that is now set at the entrance for the holding pen of the Indominus Rex — which has escaped!

Heading up into the main show building, we find that the former “backstage” facilities for Jurassic Park are now instead being used as an official pathway up towards the Tyrannosaurus Rex enclosure. We find familiar encounters once more with a Velociraptor and the T-rex before making our way through a new jungle interior that will reveal dangerous venom-spewing Dilophosaurus and a cameo appearance by a very angry Blue! Rounding the final turn in the attraction we find the escaped Indominus Rex has been waiting for us this entire time, ready to attack. Before she does though, the T-Rex once again comes to our rescue before we plummet back down the waterfall to the attraction’s watery finale. Unfortunately, the surprise Dilophosaurus at the very end has been removed.

The attraction enjoyed its grand opening earlier this year. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard were reunited with a live-action Blue with filmmakers and members of the creative team in tow.

MORE INFO: WATCH: JURASSIC WORLD—THE RIDE debuts with new dino experiences, dining, shopping, and dazzling opening ceremony!

See it for Yourself

Jurassic World—The Ride is open now at Universal Studios Hollywood.

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