YIKES! 2020 Disneyland price increases now in effect – higher cost, more tiers


Even as a discounted SoCal resident ticket are available to guests through May 21, the Disneyland Resort has continued its yearly tradition of raising prices at the start of the year. Effective today it will now cost you more than ever to get into the Happiest Place on Earth! Price increases include tickets, annual passes, MaxPass, and more.

While it seems Parking prices are not changing (for now), just about every other means of admission has increased in price. Furthermore, the tier system for tickets has also been updated to now include FIVE total tiers instead of just three. You’ll be spending the most money on a $2,119 Disney Premier Passport and the least you can expect to spend will be a $98 Tier 1, 1 Day, 1 Park Child ticket meaning there will soon no longer be a 2-digit price to enter the place where the magic began!

See below a quick highlight of the 2020 pricing structures for Disneyland Resort.


One-day tickets are now sold at five different pricing levels depending on Disney’s anticipated demand for the day of your visit. This replaces the three-tier Value, Regular and Peak system previously in place.


  • 1 Day, 1 Park: Adults (Age 10+): $104, Child (Ages 3-9): $98
  • 1 Day, Parkhopper: Adults (Age 10+): $159, Child (Ages 3-9): $153


  • 1 Day, 1 Park: Adults (Age 10+): $114, Child (Ages 3-9): $108
  • 1 Day, Parkhopper: Adults (Age 10+): $169, Child (Ages 3-9): $163


  • 1 Day, 1 Park: Adults (Age 10+): $124, Child (Ages 3-9): $117
  • 1 Day, Parkhopper: Adults (Age 10+): $179, Child (Ages 3-9): $172


  • 1 Day, 1 Park: Adults (Age 10+): $139, Child (Ages 3-9): $132
  • 1 Day, Parkhopper: Adults (Age 10+): $194, Child (Ages 3-9): $187


  • 1 Day, 1 Park: Adults (Age 10+): $154, Child (Ages 3-9): $146
  • 1 Day, Parkhopper: Adults (Age 10+): $209, Child (Ages 3-9): $201

Prices for Multi-Day tickets also increased by $15-$25 depending on the length of ticket.

MaxPass has risen $5 to $20 per person, per day, as an add-on to 1 Day and Multi-Day tickets.

MORE INFO: Visit Disneyland.com/tickets.


Apart from AP price increases, MaxPass add-on for SoCal Select, Flex, Deluxe and Signature Passports is now $125 per year.

Disney Southern California Select Passport

Blockouts apply.

  • Per Year: $419 (previously $399)
  • Per Month: $20*

Disney Flex Passport

Blockouts apply, reservations required for most days.

  • Per Year: $649 (previously $599)
  • Per Month: $39.17*

Disney Deluxe Passport

Blockouts apply.  

  • Per Year: $829 (previously $799)
  • Per Month: $54.17*

Disney Signature Passport

Blockouts apply. Includes parking.

  • Per Year: $1,199 (previously $1,149)
  • Per Month: $85*

Disney Signature Plus Passport

No blockouts. Includes parking and MaxPass.

  • Per Year: $1,449 (previously $1,399)
  • Per Month: $105.84*

Disney Premier Passport: A combination of Disneyland Signature Plus and Walt Disney World Platinum Plus Passports.

  • Per Year: $2,119 (previously $1,949)

*Monthly prices are after a $179 down payment, 0% APR.

MORE INFO: Visit Disneyland.com/ap.

Curious About Last Year’s Prices?

MORE INFO: WHOA: 2019 Disneyland price increases now in effect; tickets, parking, MaxPass, etc.


It’s one of the questions we get asked the most, how can you save a little money on Disneyland tickets? Below is what’s available now.

  • Spring 2020 Discounts for for tickets and hotels: Disneyland Resort. Through 5/21/20. (MORE INFO)
  • 2020 US Military discounts for tickets and hotels; Disneyland, Walt Disney World. Through 2020. (MORE INFO)

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Author: Drew Hackney

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  1. Walt Disney has to be rolling in his grave! This I’m sure was never his dream. He envisioned a place where families could go and have fun, enjoy a happy fun place. Now you have to sell your home to get to “The Happiest Place On Earth.” Its NOT happy anymore. Disney makes enough money to build a dozen parks and they keep raising prices so only the wealthy can go. Pretty soon NO ONE is going to be able to go. What’s going to happen then? You all should be ashamed of yourselves.

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    • I agree it is shameful it’s very sad we won’t be able to afford Disney anymore🙁

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    • Prices are so high now! Especially with a family of 5. Doesn’t even include food, hotel and souvenirs. SMH! Happiest place on earth is sadly over priced.

      Post a Reply
    • Very much agreed! So disappointed! Just when I thought I had enough saved for the following year, nope! 😩

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    • This just sickens me corporate is GREEDY as hell SHAME on you people That’s y we can’t go

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    • I could never afford to go to Disney. I only got to go twice in my life time in the early 90’s and senior year.

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  2. What about parking prices?

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  3. F*ck Disneyland and corporate. Walt would be rolling around in his grave if he saw what’s happening after his passing. Knowing damn well that parents would do anything for their children, so let’s jack up the price.

    Post a Reply
    • No discount for seniors??

      Post a Reply
      • Disney hasn’t offered senior pricing in many, many years

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  4. I just want to know and millions of others why does the park have to increase every single year? What changes are made visible to the guests as to why the prices go up?Other places and prices remain the same for at least 3-5 years. What would Walt say about this greed and misfortune that can truly not be called “ It’s the happiest place “ if no one can afford to go. It’s so sad that I feel that the people don’t matter only making money does.price gauging will see a flip side.. Why does parking have to be extra, absolutely nothing changes in a parking structure, and the high price to get into the park should definitely cover your parking. GREED’

    Post a Reply
    • Prices go up so demand goes down. Also, prices go up because Disney pays above minimum, and minimum is going up every year until its 15/hr.

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      • I don’t care how u slice it! You at Disney Land make so much money and you can’t even give a break to Seniors? That is beyond sad!

        Post a Reply
        • We’re not Disney, but I would recommend contacting them directly with any feedback.

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      • Who did you get this information from? While they may pay “above” minimum wage at times, they pay those who work there a VERY LOW wage. They start at a little over $8 and hour, and max out (after years) around $21. Young workers in Orlando live 6 to a three bedroom apartment because they are paid so poorly. Shame on Disney, shame on them.

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        • Actually we’re at $15 an hr now

          Post a Reply
      • That’s very true! Everything has gone up over the years. When you think of all the new construction Disney does to keep the experience fresh, the wages paid to thousands of cast members, the cost of food going up – everything goes up, up, up!

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    • Lol. I’m against price increases too but they did just open Star Wars land and opened a new ride last month…. so in answer to your question about visible things to guests….lol

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    • Not only have the prices increased but it seems like the park capacity has increased also. Do they ever close the doors when the park seems so dangerously full of people?? There is no way I’m going back with my family and paying over a thousand dollars to wait roughly an hour in every attraction line

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  5. Any thoughts on why US Disney is so much more expensive than international? Took my family of 5 to Disneyland Tokyo for about $300. Would have been $800 at Disneyland CA. The place was CRAZY busy on a pouring rain day so I’m sure they could raise prices and still be busy – just wondering why the two parks are so different in price.

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    • Tokyo is owned by a different company who purchased a Disney license.

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      • You’re right, Kevin. Foreign companies can’t do business in Japan.

        Post a Reply
        • Foreign companies can do business in Japan. Tokyo Disney Resort is owned by a Japanese company and licenses the Disney IP because in the late 70s, when the park was conceived, Disney was much smaller and wouldn’t have been able or willing to finance it on their own. They’ve lost countless millions by not being at least part owners, which is why Disneyland Paris and the Chinese parks are structured with Disney retaining some (China) or all (Paris) ownership.

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    • Well once I I’m done paying my pass I’m done with Disneyland

      Post a Reply
      • I hadn’t been to Disney since I was 18 and after 26 years I went back and not much has changed. The food was lacking in flavor and way too high. There really wasn’t much of interest going on so much of the park was closed off due to whatever reason. A lot of money down the drain as far as I’m concerned. I don’t feel or want to go back. The only memories I have of Disney this time around was hot, expensive, nothing much of interest for me or my family to go there. The money that would have been spent there in a day, I could just pay the bills and throw the family a great party with horses.
        I will no longer be going to theme parks least of all Disney.

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    • The answer is in your post already. The place was CRAZY busy. Supply and demand.

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  6. Considering how much they open every year, I honestly think it’s fair. Last year Galaxy’s Edge opened, this summer Avenger’s camp opens in DCA… Walts dream was that Disneyland would never be finished as long as there is imagination left in the world… people complain about park prices sure, but the parks are still at max capacity over the summers anyway because people know that it truly is worth the ticket price… yea Disney has more than enough money, but they didn’t get that way by letting everyone into the parks for the opening day price of $1 for adults and $0.50 for kids.

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  7. So so many can’t afford it….SAD
    Something’s gone wrong with Walt’s dream.

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  8. It’s all about the money. Disneyland was always been changing things at the park. Even when I was a kid. That’s what Walts dream was about. But as a adult, the prices have went up so much. And inside it’s pricey too!! As expected!! But what sad is I t makes it hard for families to go there. Walts dream was to have a place for families and people to enjoy and make memories. For adults to bring out their inner child. I agree with Zee!! Somethings gone wrong with Walts Dream🥺

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    • Disney is the parent company of ABC

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  9. It’s sad to think that the people complaining about the price increase are probably the people that spend thousands of dollars a year on their luxury cars or their designer clothing. Go ahead and boycott Disney. That just makes the lines shorter for all of the true Disney fans out there. I will gladly spend an extra $50 a year to keep my annual pass and I will continue to use it as much as possible. Get your priorities straight people. Instead of spending more then $500 on a freaking jacket you’ll wear once, maybe you can splurge a little and take your family for a great time. I could care less about a %5 price increase. I will continue to visit the happiest place on earth. Much Love to the true Disney fans out there.

    Post a Reply
    • I got news for you. I don’t drive a luxury car and I don’t spend $500 on a jacket!!! I can’t afford a 5% increase on tickets!!! Thanks average American working hard just to make it in life!!!!

      Post a Reply
      • Were a family of 4 and honestly cant afford the high prices right now. The best that we can do for our kids to enjoy a little bit of Disney experience is to take them to Downtown Disney. We walk around, get some food, buy a souvenir from one of the shops and some cotton candy. We spend about 3-4 hours there and then go home.

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  10. Walt Disney would DEMAND that the Disney co. take his name off of everything if he were alive today ! Shameful Greed

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